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"An Industry Leader with a professional team, serving your OSHA and Safety Compliance needs since 1991."
ABOUT OSHA Compliance Group, Inc.

Dr. Renfro and OSHA Compliance Group, Inc. have been helping the industry with its safety needs, consultations and OSHA compliance since 1991. We understand how tedious and time consuming the process can be, but there is help available! Clients utilize our services because we take the headache and frustration out of the procedures by streamlining the whole process for them and guaranteeing compliance in an extremely short period of time.

If you would like to talk with anyone about our services and the excellent level of service that we strive to provide, please contact a few of our clients from our list of references.

Most companies such as yours need all their employees to be performing the jobs that keep revenue coming into the business, not focusing on something that will take away from their duties. We fully understand the process and know exactly what *ISNetworld® is looking for and how to prepare individualized safety programs that will provide your company with a solid program while satisfying industry requirements, as well as those of your “Owner Client” who you perform the work for.

Dr. Robert S. Renfro
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OSHA Compliance Group, Inc.

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OSHA Compliance Group, Inc. Placentia, California, U.S.A.

At OSHA Compliance Group, we insist on a very high standard with our products: our exceptional programs are designed to get you to 100% compliance within the shortest time possible, while saving you time and money. If you're ready to move on to that "A" rating and get back to the business of your company, we're ready to help. We are a US company providing international safety services, safety manual, safety verification services, RAVS® Compliance Programs, AVETTA Auditing, PEC Premier® Services.

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