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ISNetWorld® RAVS® Safety Package for Canadian Customers

In order for us to create your company safety policies
and programs we will need you to answer the following questions.

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* Company Name: As you want it to Print
* Company Street Address:  
* Company City, Province, Zip:  
* Main Office Phone Number:  
* Main Office Fax Number:  
* Date Manual/Policies Created:  
* Safety Director: Responsible Safety Officer

Head of Emergency and 1st Aid Services. Can also be replaced with "the Safety Director

Names of First Aid Trained Employees from 1 – 8:
First Aid Trained Employees 1  
First Aid Trained Employees 2 2.  
First Aid Trained Employees 3 3.  
First Aid Trained Employees 4 4.  
First Aid Trained Employees 5 5.  
First Aid Trained Employees 6 6.  
First Aid Trained Employees 7 7.  
First Aid Trained Employees 8 8.  

Title of Supervisor – Name on all signed Policies – Safety Rules.

Example: Vice President, President, Safety Director, Responsible Safety Officer The “tos” shall be responsible for implementing these policies by insisting that employees observe and obey all rules and regulations necessary to maintain a safe work place and safe work habits and practices.


Name of the person on Policy and Procedures - the person's name that corresponds to the "TOS". Steve Jones, Vice President  
Name of person in charge of the Trenching and Excavation Program  
Company’s competent person for cranes, hoists and lifting devices. They shall inspect all machinery and equipment prior to each use, and during operations to make sure it is in safe operating condition  
The competent person who is in charge of Scaffolds and Elevated Platforms  

Safety Check Period – time period that equipment, tools, H2S monitors are and alarm systems are checked and inspected to make sure they are in safe working or operating order.

See example below:
“__weekly_____” or sooner if required or at the start of each new job or procedure.

Safety Meeting Period:
How often do you have Safety Meetings?
Supervisor or person in charge of the Respiratory Program or the Respiratory Program Administrator.  
Who is the ‘Competent Supervisor’ to supervise any testing or production operations in the field and in the office for the Oil and Gas Well Operations?  
Who is the ‘Competent Supervisor’ to supervise any exploration, drilling, servicing, snubbing, testing or production operation.  

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Your ISNetWorld Account: Password
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What is your timeline?

Are you in a big rush to get this uploaded and approved. We normally can upload your safety programs within 2-3 days at the latest. Although if you need it right away we can get it done possibly today or within 24 hours.


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