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"An Industry Leader with a professional team, serving your OSHA and Safety Compliance needs since 1991."

ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, AVETTA™, Veriforce & MICCS™ Assistance

PEC provides standardized safety and skills training to the oil and gas contractor workforce and online standardized forms for reporting safety 100% Guaranteedinformation from Contractor to Operator.

Corporations seek assistance with third-party prequalification providers to join with safe dependable companies that follow government regulations before applying their skills on a jobsite. The process of getting accepted and ensuring your compliance with ISNetworld®, AVETTA, Veriforce, MICSS, or PEC Premier can take time, we simplify the process and provide the work so you can focus on what you do best.

It is our belief that standardization is a key component to not only simplifying common safety practices and saving money for our customers, but also to making the work environment a safer place. Since our inception in 1991, we have worked to bring the industry together providing safety manuals that meet governmental and petroleum regulations.


The PEC Basic Orientation and Core Compliance programs, which are accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf, are required or accepted by most major and independent oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico and on land in the United States. For safety information reporting completing a safety questionnaire or simply call us can get you started in the process of complying with all safety reporting.

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We will assist your company in completing your Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™).
All RAVS® Safety Programs are written to *ISNetworld® specifications.
Review and submittal of documents, OSHA 300 Logs, Insurance, EMR Letter, Etc.
We communicate directly with insurance provider to insure proper insurance documentation approval.
We will assist in developing a plan to improve Owner-Client score.


Our ISNetworld® Services Include:Oil Safety ISNetworld Compliance

Unlimited number of required Review and Verification Services chapters/sections uploads, revisions, additions, edits and updates. We fill out all of the Self Review & Gap Analysis sections and upload all of your required safety programs in PDF as required. We will complete this process until you achieve an overall approval rating score of an A or B with your Owner Clients ISNetworld® Compliance Packages.

All of the above services, with the exception of the Single Section RAVS®, are handled for the term of the “Service Period” which includes any required chapter or section additions, edits or updates, To keep your Review And Verification Services Compliance Score at a 100%.


Once you attain the 100% score you will be shipped your printed hardcopy with a CD-ROM that will include all of your programs in MS word and Adobe pdf files.

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